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MANUOKI Brilliant Diapers

Brilliant Diapers have quality materials and technology. The innovative membrane absorbs moisture and protects the baby's skin. Soft materials and "breathing" diaper construction prevent chafing.
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UltraThin diapers

UltraThin diapers from newest biomaterials with three layers of an air-permeable membrane. A unique system of NANO-fibers safely fixes the absorbing layer and prevents clumping even with a great amount of moisture.
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MANUOKI Baby Panties 3D

Growing babies get more active so the next step for them is baby panties. Designed in view of the baby movement specifics these panties have pores for "breathing". The inner 3D layer absorbs moisture better as the absorption surface is 20% larger.
Baby Panties 3D in a series

Manuoki brand

On Manuoki brand. Traditional values, quality standards, production policies, advanced solutions. Why the customers choose us.

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Contacts of the official representative of Manuoki in Russia and CIS. Ask online.


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