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Life in brightest colours

The most valuable thing around is our family and our children. Every day of communicating with them is filled with love and tenderness. We want to give the child the best, make its life easier, more comfortable and safer.

Get soiled. Be genuine. Act without fear of aftermaths. Open up the new things and be brave. Whatever you do in your life we are ready to help you.

Manuoki adheres to five traditional Japanese values:

  • quality
  • love for the people around you
  • persistence in attaining the goal
  • neatness
  • common good
Why Manuoki

Why Manuoki

The key goal of Manuoki is making the life of you and your baby better. We are manufacturing products that make life more comfortable and convenient. Our production is for regular daily use and answers all safety requirements.

We are managing the production and research expenses for an optimal price/quality effect. This all and regular improvement is the key to Manuoki success.

The brand quality

The brand quality

Manuoki is in from birth. At this moment the baby is unprotected from external impact. Manuoki sees its task in providing the baby protection, guaranteeing convenience and quality.

We utilize only approved solutions and materials to consistently reach success. Our concept of Guaranteed Quality forms a strong image and improves life quality.

Moving with the times

Moving with the times

Manuoki uses advanced production solutions. State-of-the art natural materials are combined with new technologies to solve the key goal of the product – care of the baby.

Our production at the same time is environmentally friendly and safe. Manuoki production policies following the core principles of state-of-the art solutions are to Manuoki advantage. Our customers value our keeping up with the times, easiness and simplicity in using our product.

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