Should I use diapers?

Not so long ago, our grandmothers and mothers used diapers when caring for a baby. Their use was not convenient and took a lot of time – used diapers often had to be washed, ironed and steamed. In addition, the baby slept restlessly and felt discomfort in wet diapers.

Everything changed when diapers appeared in the lives of young mothers. Their use made the baby’s sleep and behavior more relaxed, and moms had more time for household chores. After all, diapers do not need to be washed. Clothed, used and disposed of.

Every year, manufacturers of diapers try to improve and improve their models – they use natural materials and modern technologies. But parents are increasingly wondering about the safety of diapers for babies. Is it possible to use them often, do diapers affect the health of the baby, and what should be taken into account when choosing diapers?

Good or bad?

One of the main arguments for diapers is that they absorb moisture quickly. The baby’s skin remains dry and clean. The baby sleeps quietly at night.

On the other hand, when using diapers, the baby does not control urination. For a long time after using diapers, mothers cannot accustom children to the pot.

Manufacturers of high-quality diapers use natural materials (wool, cotton, bamboo fiber) as a filler for greater comfort of the baby. These materials do not cause irritation upon contact with skin.

However, during production it is impossible to completely eliminate chemical components, many of which can enter the small body through the skin of a baby. The effect of these components on the health of babies is not fully understood.

The outer layer of modern diapers is breathable, this allows air to penetrate inside the diaper, while all the liquid remains inside. However, with a rare change of diaper (less often than in 3-4 hours), irritation and diaper rash may appear on the baby’s skin.

Conclusion: with proper selection of diapers, their rational use, compliance with all norms and rules of hygiene, they will not harm the health of the baby and make your life more comfortable.

Always read the detailed instructions of the diaper manufacturer on the package. Good manufacturers explain the rules of use, the frequency of changing diapers and the principles of their utilization.

How to choose diapers?

The main criterion for choosing a diaper is the sex of the child (boy or girl). In boys’ diapers, the absorbent layer is located in the front, for girls the absorbent layer is located in the middle. Even with a long activity of the baby, the right diaper will not let moisture through.

The second important factor is the weight of the child. On all diapers, regardless of the manufacturer, there are numbers that indicate the approximate weight of the baby (3-6 kg, 4-9 kg, 9-12 kg, etc.). The weight range indicated on the package in averaged form covers all parameters of the baby – height, body proportions. However, your child’s individual performance may vary – it may be high or plump, for example, etc. therefore, the best choice for choosing perfect diapers is to buy a small package for testing.

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