What kind of diaper is suitable for a child?

Choosing diapers is a difficult and important task for parents. A good diaper guarantees healthy skin and a good sleep for your baby. In the selection process, it is important to pay attention to the size and materials of which the diaper is made.

Selection of diapers by size

Each baby has its own weight, height and build, so the selection of size must be treated responsibly. The size of the diapers in the first years of a baby’s life depends primarily on their weight.

The high-quality diapers Manuoki have the following dimensions:

  • Size S is recommended for newborn babies weighing 3-6 kg;
  • Size M is suitable for babies from 6 to 11 kg;
  • Size L are made for older children weighing more than 12 kg.

Usually the weight of the baby is within the limits stated by the manufacturer. However, there are exceptions. Sometimes, the weight of the child goes beyond the limits, and the diaper fits.

How to check that the diaper is sitting perfectly?

To find out if the diaper is sitting correctly, you need to make sure that:

  • the material of the diaper at the waist fits snugly to the body, in front of the diaper ends at the level of the navel;
  • cuffs are wrapped around the child’s legs, they should not be bent inward;
  • The fasteners are fixed symmetrically and do not press anything.

If the diaper gets wet quickly, does not close the ass, then it is rather small. This is also indicated by the red rubbing around the legs and waist.

Diaper allergy

Before buying, pay attention to the brand of the manufacturer and the material from which the diaper is made. They must comply with the hygienic standards of your country. Modern technology diapers Manuoki guarantee good absorption, provide comfort, safety and convenience for children.

Often there are cases of diaper rash, rash, irritation on the skin of babies. Some mothers blame diapers for these troubles. Although you should not exclude food allergies, soap or powder, prickly heat, fungal infection.

To prevent negative effects, it is also important to follow the rules for using diapers: change the diaper every 3-4 hours; Do not wrap the child, causing a “greenhouse effect.”

If other reasons are excluded and it is the diaper that causes doubt, conduct a simple experiment to identify allergies.

To determine if you are allergic to diapers:

  • take a break for several days and not use them;
  • take care of the baby’s skin regularly;
  • after the disappearance of the signs of allergy, wear a diaper for 40 minutes;
  • remove and examine the skin.

If you find signs of allergy, you need to make a purchase of another brand of product.

Manuoki diapers are made from the finest materials, have an inner breathable layer that prevents irritation. The company monitors the quality of its products and guarantees verification for all safety requirements.

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