Baby bath

For someone bathing a baby can be a real event. In many respects this concerns young parents who have no experience in caring for newborns. In fact, this process is not as complicated as it may seem at first glance. To facilitate the procedure, it is necessary to prepare for it in advance.

So, to begin with, we will determine the list of necessary bathing facilities for the baby: a bath, 2-4 liters of boiled and cold water, baby soap, a thermometer for determining the water temperature, a sponge (optional).

The first time, while you do not have enough skill, ask someone from the family to help you. Over time, the process of bathing will become much easier, and you can do everything yourself.

Before you start bathing, you need to prepare a bath. Previously, it should be washed with soap (household or childish). It is not recommended to use powders and other chemicals. Another important fact is that newborn babies are bathed in diapers so that they do not scratch. Therefore, before bathing, roll the baby, but not very tightly.

At the bottom of the bath put a towel, or several times folded diaper. Put the baby on him, holding his head. Next, take warm boiled water (37-38 ° C), and from a jug (or any other convenient container) water the baby, holding it. This is necessary so that you feel the temperature of the water with your hand, and if it cools down, add hot water.

Then, with a sponge or hands, begin to wipe the baby, but not completely, so as not to completely reveal the child. Otherwise, it will freeze.

If the child was born quite recently, it is better not to wet the umbilical cord. But if you do get wet, you can treat it after bathing, gently dry it with a towel, and then process it with peroxide. When the umbilical cord is fully healed, the bath procedures can be carried out fully, without fear of wetting it.

After bathing, the child needs to quickly, but very carefully, unpack from a wet diaper and wrap in a dry one, and then wrap in a towel.

Baby can bathe about 3 times a week. For older children, the number of bathings may be less, and at the same time it will be possible to do without the use of diapers.

Bath procedures help the child to calm down, and after them the child relaxes, which contributes to fast falling asleep and sound sleep.

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