What does a baby under 3 months need

What does a baby under 3 months need? Among the most necessary accessories are:

• bath;
• thermometer to measure the temperature of water and body;
• cotton swabs, discs, as well as ear sticks, on which the limiter is installed;
• solution of brilliant green;
• potassium permanganate;
• herbal or separate chamomile and string;
• ointment for diaper rash;
• syrup and candles on temperature;
• Peach oil;
• baby soap, in which there are no perfumes.

With regards to accessories, for example, funds from an allergic reaction or nasal congestion, are prescribed by the doctor individually.

Care features

Every baby needs:

• balanced nutrition;
• hygiene;
• regular walks;
• bathing;
• getting to know the world that surrounds it.

In the first place there is always proper nutrition and sleep, and in free time parents should communicate with the child so that he develops. Carrying out various actions, for example, bathing a baby or feeding, it is necessary to communicate with a crumb so that he learns how to make the first sounds as soon as possible and speaks later.


Children under the age of 3 months should be exclusively breastfed, if there are no contraindications to health. No mixture can replace the mother’s milk on the saturation of vitamins and taste properties. That’s why you need to try to keep breastfeeding as long as possible, using the advice of pediatricians and specialists in feeding.

Street visit

A very important factor for the active growth and development of the baby is considered to be a regular stay on the street, which contributes to the formation of immunity. If the weather conditions are favorable, then the doctors are allowed to walk immediately after discharge from the maternity hospital, but not more than 15 minutes a day.

The period of stay gradually increases and by 3 months the baby can walk even at a temperature of -10 ° C for 1-2 hours.

How to acquaint your baby with the world?

A child, even a newborn, needs constant acquisition of new knowledge, without which it is impossible to achieve full development. At first, a music mobile suspended above the crib is used for this, and when the baby reaches 2-3 months old, various rattles are shown to him, and they should be of a bright color with bells. This will teach your baby to respond to sounds and be distracted by them. Toys should be of different shades, which contributes to the formation of color perception.

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