Care (cosmetic) products for babies

Each mother, even before the appearance of the baby, thinks about what needs to be purchased for the unborn child. Collecting “dowry” baby, do not forget about the set of cosmetics. Please note that ordinary cosmetics for adults will not work. For a newborn and in the first months of a baby’s life, only special care products for delicate skin are suitable.

Buying care cosmetics for the baby, it is worth remembering that:

  • children’s cosmetics must be certified;
  • it should not have any additives harmful to the health of the baby, so before buying it is worth knowing which substances are in the composition of the product;
  • products intended for infants should be free of dyes and alcohol-containing liquids.

List of necessary cosmetics for newborns

  1. Baby soap. It should be safe for the health of the child, not cause allergic reactions and not contain flavors.
  2. Shampoo. Must match the age of the baby. In children’s shampoos provided a neutral ph level, which does not cause irritation, the scalp and hair are moisturized and softened.
  3. Two types of cream. One usual for children, the other for diapers. Baby cream prevents peeling of the baby’s tender skin that may appear after bathing. In children, the work of the sebaceous glands is not yet established and the protective lipid film is easily washed off. A cream for diapers usually contains extracts of herbs that irritate the skin: turns, chamomile, calendula.
  4. Oil for children. It can be used during massage, as well as to prevent diaper rash.
  5. Baby powder. Most often used in areas where diaper rash may form.
  6. Wet wipes. You can use from the first days of life, making sure that they do not contain alcohol. They are convenient to use for wiping, if you went to the clinic or for a walk.
  7. Special cotton swabs. It will be necessary for the treatment of the ears, as well as the umbilical wound;
  8. Children’s brush for hair. Babies’ hair is still thin and short, and may seem that there is nothing more to comb, in fact, the eyelet is useful for a light massage of the head and removal of crusts, which persists in babies after birth.
  9. Special children’s nail scissors with rounded tips to trim marigolds.

Baby care products should be bought in advance, because some of them (cream, wet wipes) may be needed even in the hospital. And after the birth of the baby, the young mother at first will hardly have time to go shopping. Buy cosmetics at pharmacies to be sure that they meet the promised quality and are stored in appropriate conditions.

The child’s well-being, which means your well-being and good mood, depends on the quality and safety of care products. Therefore, the purchase of cosmetics should be approached with full responsibility, reading the reviews, after consulting with your doctor.

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