How to choose the right diapers for the baby?

With the advent of the child’s worries, the woman is added. It is necessary to feed the baby, walk with him, play. To facilitate the care of the baby, to reduce the number of washings of baby clothes, you can use disposable baby diapers.

Now there are no problems with the purchase of diapers, a large number of brands offer children’s diaper panties, which differ in cost, quality, material. How among such a variety of goods offered to choose a quality diaper, what to look for when buying a piece of children’s hygiene ??

When buying a diaper, you need to follow the following rules; it should not:

  • Rub;
  • Leak;
  • Cause allergic rash and diaper rash.

To make the child feel comfortable, comfortable, first of all it is necessary to pay attention to the weight of the child, not age. Some children are born small and skinny, others – well-fed and large, so for children of the same age you may need different in size products for hygiene.

Usually manufacturers indicate the weight of a child is 0-5 kg, 3-6 kg, 5-9 kg. Please note that the indicated dimensions overlap each other. This is due to the fact that it is better to buy a diaper in the weight category of 5–9 kg than 3–6 kg of the more overwhelmed toddler weighing about 6 kg. So that the diaper would fit a large child and not rub it. Sometimes you can find on the packages with hygiene items letters S, M, L, which correspond to a specific size.

One of the reasons for the flow of a diaper can be a large size. If during the change of hygiene you found wet stains, buy a smaller diapers.

After using the diaper, the baby has diaper rash and an allergic rash? One of the reasons is the use of poor-quality material in the production or individual reaction of the infant. Then it is necessary to change the manufacturer.

Diaper rash can occur if you do not follow the requirements and recommendations of doctors. To prevent the skin of the baby to turn red, you need:

  • In the afternoon, when the baby is awake, change the diaper every two to three hours;
  • Be sure to change the diaper after a walk, daytime sleep, after emptying the bowel;
  • Periodically arrange baby air baths, give him to play and lie down without a diaper.

More diapers are classified by other characteristics:

Diapers for girls and boys. In order not to be confused, it is best to dwell on the “unisex” model, which is suitable for children of both pilau.
What is better – diapers, panties or velcro? While the baby is not actively moving, use velcro diapers. When the baby begins to learn about the world and move, diaper panties will be better.


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A good diaper guarantees healthy skin and a good sleep for your baby. Pay attention to the choice of size and filler material.
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