Care for the baby. Proper use of diapers

You have become a mother, and since the appearance of the baby all your attention is focused on him. Some things seem difficult at first. But gradually you learned everything. Now you know exactly how much milk he needs, to make him full, what temperature the bathing water should be and how to calm him down when he has colic. You choose the best for him and responsibly approach every detail.

Every mother comes the day when she buys the first pack of diapers for her child. And she has several questions at once: how to put them on the baby? How often do I need to change them?

How to wear diapers?

Putting a diaper on the baby is not at all difficult. But in order that he did not give your child trouble, you must adhere to some recommendations.

  • Before putting on a diaper, make sure that the skin on the baby’s bottom is not too dry or not too wet. If it is dry, lubricate it with a moisturizer. If it is wet, use baby powder. Then you can avoid diaper rash and irritation.
  • Open the diaper. Spread it on the changing table with the upside down, the front part facing you.
  • Lay the baby on the back and gently pull both legs up so that the butt is slightly raised.
  • Place a wide part of the diaper under the ass, so that the Velcro is on the sides.
  • Pull the front of the diaper, skip it between the baby’s legs. Attach it to the stomach, straighten and fasten Velcro.
  • Make sure the diaper is snug against the body and does not fall down. But beware of fastening it too tightly, otherwise it will rub the baby’s delicate skin. It will be better if your finger is free to pass between the body and the diaper.

How often do I need to change diapers?

Great, you put the diaper on correctly, one more question remains – when will it have to be changed?

  • The recommended frequency of changing a diaper is in 2-3 hours. Try to adhere to this time, even if it looks dry and clean.
  • There is a possibility that the diaper will need to be changed more often. Change it as you fill it. Remember that diapers are designed to absorb baby’s secretions.
  • Do not change the diaper before feeding. Wait 10-15 minutes – newborns often do away with nursing during feeding.
  • At night, you can not get up specifically to change the baby. Change the diaper after a night’s feeding, or, if not necessary, you can wait until the morning.
  • Watch how your baby reacts to different brands of diapers. Sometimes irritation occurs even when all recommendations are followed. If this happens, it can be a signal that the brand you use does not fit your child and is better replaced.

Manuoki company offers you a large selection of high-quality diapers for your baby, made from natural environmentally friendly materials. You can get acquainted with the model range and find out detailed information on their use on our website.

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