Diapers. What you have to look for

The baby’s skin is sensitive, so it requires a careful approach to the choice of cosmetics and diapers, without which it is difficult to imagine caring for a newborn now.

Diapers allow the baby to feel comfortable with a dry ass, and mothers save time on washing diapers and sliders. High-quality diapers will serve as the best gift for any mommy. Among the huge abundance of diapers and cosmetics, it is sometimes difficult to make a choice.

Before buying diapers should be repelled not only from the price, but also from the filler. Economy class diapers as a filler use granular powder. It is efficient and cheap. Although many babies to such filler may experience allergic reactions – severe rash and diaper rash.

In such situations, mom should stock up on suitable cosmetics that can cope with problem rashes. It is also necessary to carefully select cosmetics for the newborn, because not every cream or gel can fit the baby. As a rule, use special cream for diaper rash. Usually they contain D-panthenol, which quickly restores the problem areas of the skin.

Manuoki uses another innovative technology to make diapers. Due to the multi-layered cotton structure, the surface of the diapers allows for good evaporation. The soft cotton surface inside the diapers protects against diaper rash and irritation on the tummy, back and baby’s ass. The price of production of such diapers is a bit more expensive than with a filler from granular powder, but such diapers do an excellent job. And besides, they give more freedom in movement to the child, because the Manuoki diapers with a unique layer do not rub the baby’s skin.

Among manufacturers of diapers using multi-layer technology, Manuoki occupies a leading position. The company presents three series of diapers and panties for different age categories of babies, as well as different in cost. Many mummies have already tried Manuoki products and were convinced of the high quality of diapers.

The first attempts to create diapers began in the 1940s.
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A good diaper guarantees healthy skin and a good sleep for your baby. Pay attention to the choice of size and filler material.
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Many mothers switch to panties when the baby becomes active
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